Aqua Mundi : Journal of water science


Titre complet : Aqua Mundi – Journal of water science :

Rivista scientifica sui temi delle acque. Questa, dunque, vuole

essere la missione della nuova rivista scientifica e tecnica che

qui viene presentata: il nome che abbiamo scelto Aqua Mundi,

in latino, perché essa comprenda tutte le ricerche e gli obiettivi

riguardanti, al giorno d’oggi, le problematiche delle acque,

tanto differenti, ad esempio per le regioni circum mediterranee

in confronto a quelle del nord Europa.

Online ISSN : 2038-3592

Print ISSN : 2038-3584

Langue : Anglais, Italien

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 600 Techniques



10 Réponses to “Aqua Mundi : Journal of water science”

  1. GS RADJOU Says:

    Hi, there are possibilities to have the report of UNESCO-IHP between 3Dec -to 10 Dec 2010 underground transboundary water meetings.

    You may inform hydrologists or other water participant to go on-line at WMO homepage, and then visit the link Integrated Flood Management Helpdesk -virtual discussion groups-
    You may be able to access to reports and analysis on flood/hazard risk management in various windows of the IFR Helpdesk. You can log in, put a comment, make a query or if you have a project, discuss the matter with us or me.
    I was in the full UNESCO meeting and I am in the group.
    I suggest you visit WMO/IFM organization, in order to be involved in the helpDesk.

    Happys Cristmas.


  2. GS RADJOU Says:

    Hi, anyhelp with Disaster Risk Reduction, this window enable you to make so.
    Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR/M) Stakeholders should feel much more confident about future actions. Everybody now is on the same data baseline i.e. Hyogo Framework For Action (HFA) 2010-2011.
    If you want to know more visit UNISDR Global Platform Preventionweb or just let me know youy worries. I may help….in one of the following phasesAll his abou data at all stages of the crisis/disaster.
    Before peak of crisis: data colection, awarness, preparedness, pooling risk, mitigating, prevention…
    During peak of crisis: pro-action/reaction, emergency,
    and After: recovery and reconstruction
    Of course, most UN disaster organizations (WMO, UNISDR, WHO, UNDP,…are relaevant for basic tasks or complex issues.

  3. Anonyme Says:

    1° 5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5)
    27-29 September 2011, Tokyo-Japan.
    Online registration extended to end of August 2011. This is very nice for those that are late on booking UN or UN related events during the summer-
    IFI (International Flood Initiative) gave a new chance to catch up with this exceptional event (the 5th one), as it is introducing in 2011, the concept of flood management (not a defence, not a fight,…but a management- (this is official)-
    2° It is never too late to get inboard aircrafs (or transiberian train) from western Europe (Russia) to Asia-
    If the direct flight from these capitals can be found expensive, for those who have not booked yet a seat, try last minute prices on the internet search engine like google- I am definitely certain, there are still possibilities to go to China (Beijing or Shanghai) return for about just less than 500 euros ($700 return), then, get a ferry for £150.
    3° in summary, total cost/price for the adventure to Japan, I believe it should not go beyond $800 for this exceptional event- Warning: the website still advertise tsukuba as location place for the meeting. Double check as, the place has moved from Tsukuba to Tokyo (I think, as a consequence of the earthquake in North east Japan 12 April 2011)-
    4° Please, double checks all these assumptions and details on the IFI website/with the secretariat/ Dr. Ali Shavochian and get confirmed-
    Remark: The price of the event is not dear- this is an additonal incentive to go for it, found of flood management and ready to participate.

  4. GS RADJOU Says:

    dpi ngo declaration for Rio+20. The doc. (PDF format) goes into details about reduction of environmental damages escalation and the capacity buildings. More than 2600 NGOs and CSO worldwide have participated in elaborating this document that will be submitted to Rio+20, but the document is already in the hands of a few country ministrers (German Federal minister of the environment) and United Nations (UN) or UN related organizations. Those that have no translation services can use the Google translator, that does well the job of translating this Bonn declaration, 3-5 Sept. 2011. (Ref. DPI NGOs, UN Dept. of Information.)

  5. GS RADJOU Says:

    Here, is the link for DPI NGOs, Bonn declaration 2011 that is in the negociation process for Rio + 20 next year (Summer 2012- May and June 2011, in Brazil, Rio)

  6. Georges Radjou Says:


    1- 21rst century green city: how the tower tank tree could replace the dam engineering and reduce negative impacts while ensuring the growth:

    2- Tsunami management system based on lampposts and floating rafts (and a bungee jumping rope) based on the Dec. 26th, 2004 South East Asia Tsunami:

    3- Mechanism of climate change in Anglo channel sea islands (between France and England) during the quaternary:

    4- Water droning with umanned aircraft, when nobody can go at peak of disasters, drone in non stop flight would be able to provide potable water from the air with a pocket water purifier. USA aiforce made it during world war 2 to win the battle of the sand.

    5- An early warning system based on flow management and sensors at community level in the valley and floodplains

    6- Disaster reductions, what works and what don’t (role of consultant, emergency planners and disaster managers (recommendation FEMA & APA)

    7- Tsu-pole: combining a technology pole (Swedish lamppost) against tsunami (giant flood)- based on maritime statistics of survival at sea is most likely if one can find a dry feet, thus avoiding drowning.

    8- Distinction between real micro-credits (Muhammad Yussuf) and false ones (others):

    9- Basic hazard management in few 8 shots:

    10- A flood doors (it works following the Archimede law-)- How to prevent an island to sink with global warming and climate changes- it is the EU project to build giant doors around the Veneto Archipelago and prevent Adriatic sea to penetrate the lagoon of Veneto:

    11- Importance of lead-times in operational management is paramount. Why people do and don’t do the work- in risk zone- By not following construction code and shortcutting the operational lead-times, the risk increases:

    12- Flood Coastal protection based on buffers and new a thinking (rising houses and screening the flood water with a controlled drain):

    13- Flood detector (basic warning system) as D.I.Y. (use your bicycle wheel and a siren attached to warn the flood is coming), but most sophisticated option could come from Dahon Biological recharge

    14- Best option to control flood: the flood plain restoration, forest management and acknowledge the role of trees in erosion control and buffers for atmospheric events (hurricanes, heavy rains,….)

    15- Seismic building isolation, the Kajima technology keeps flower vases on shelves with worst earthquakes; Kajima technology is good for schools, hospitals,….

    16- Understanding the concept of a buffer applied in the US healthcare (and by analogy how the buffer can shape a response to coastal flood)- Management to keep the flood at bay-

    17- Sakutei-ki i.e this is a garden of stones- the idea is creating an environment with dry feet (this technology transfers were made earlier when Japan reproduced the Chinese stone gardens)- Same, in 1910, the century flood in Paris (1910), when the river deborded- there was no UNDP, still people find ways to keep busy with basic city or domestic tools of the city environment-

    18- Also, anything that can be a landmark in the city, is better that drowning-if one can climb to a tree if not able to run to an elevation point like a hill outside the city, it helps to have dry feet….

    19- Vauban, Sun King Louis XVIth engineer with life dedication to fortify coast of France with walls- and cannals for inland water rivers- Flood fighting is a hard tactic and a strategy like a battlefield, because of the fluid nature of water, it would flow from higher elevation to lowest elevation and one need to be prepared to stop it on its flow path.

    20- Health and flood plan: complete sustainable water project for urgency based on hybrid organizations:

  7. Georges Radjou Says:

    L’innovation Chez Airbus…
    To know more visit also Mutecos

  8. Georges Radjou Says:

    Another protracted court battle victory from the Xingu people

  9. Georges Radjou Says:

    COP21 ambition is done on saturday, 12 Dec. 2015, Paris agreement to keep temperature below 2° celsius and no emissions by 2100.

  10. Georges Radjou Says:

    COP12 ambition is done. No CO2 emission and air temperature less than 2° celsius by 2100. Paris agreement was an unexpected miracle. Now, we need to focus on the implementation. BIRD

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