The International : Literary magazine


The International

Sujet : During the period of silence between The Equinox Volume I and Volume III, Aleister Crowley was a contributing editor for The International and many essays, poems and plays appeared under various names authored by him. « Viereck was the editor of this pro-German literary magazine in First World War America, the infamous Magus Aleister Crowley was employed to write pro-German and anti-British propaganda, but took over the paper to promulgate his own brand of philosophy, and according to Crowley, to issue propaganda that was so overt it was obviously satirical and pro-British! »

ISSN : Inconnu

Langue : Anglais

Format : Html, Pdf

Accès : du n°10, Vol.11(1917) au n°5, Vol.12 (1918)

Catégorie : 800 Littérature


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