InKoj : Planned and Artificial Languages


InKoj – Interlingvistikaj Kajeroj – An Academic Journal on Planned and Artificial Languages

Sujet : The project InKoj (Interlingvistikaj Kajeroj) aims at filling the need for a place of academic discussion and study of themes related to planned and artificial languages, including both logical-linguistical analyses of morpho-syntactical structures and lexicon generation, as well as from a thought-historical perspective, focusing on their underlying epistemological and ontological assumptions. It is a genuinely philosophical domain, as its analysis involves categorial taxonomies, formal logics, mystical or religious inspirations, political and artistic utopian projects. On the other hand, the field’s inherent inter-disciplinarity determines a structure as open as possible to contributions by researchers in other disciplines, from psychology to information sciences, from mathematics to linguistics. The journal will also qualify as a privileged setting to discuss projects related to the protection of linguistic parity through the implementation of interlanguages, in plurilinguistic contexts such as the European Union.

ISSN : 2037-4550

Langue : Anglais, Esperanto, Italien

Format : Pdf, Php

Catégorie : 400 Langues



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