Camera Lucida – Filmski Magazin


Camera Lucida – Filmski Magazin

Sujet : « The idea for Camera Lucida emerged as a result of numerous discussions during lectures with my visual arts students, who frequently complained about the lack of a specialized film magazine dedicated to film criticism in Montenegro….Inspired by Roland Barthes, as its title suggests, Camera Lucida’saim is to investigate the meaning of films…By analogy to Barthes’ postulates, in our era of non-stop imagery, information overload and insatiable need for entertainment, in which we are all expected to experience instant reactions (and pleasure!) to news and images, Camera Lucida retains the right to unveil film texts’ suture, disclose, elucidate and reveal what filmmakers willingly or unknowingly reveal or conceal… » Maja Bogojević

ISSN : 1800-8550

Langue : Anglais, Monténégrin

Format : Pdf, Php

Catégorie : 700 Arts Loisirs Sports


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