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HannahArendt.net – Zeitschrift für Politisches Denken / Journal for political thinking

Sujet : Our aims are guided by a quotation from one of Hannah Arendt’s unpublished manuscripts, « Introduction into Politics » : The point is, rather, that we know from experience that no one can adequately grasp the objective world in its full reality all on his own, because the world always shows and reveals itself to him from only one perspective, which corresponds to his standpoint in the world and is determined by it. If someone wants to see and experience the world as it « really » is, he can do so only by understanding it as something that is shared by many people, lies between them, separates and links them, showing itself differently to each and comprehensible only to the extent that many people can talk about it and exchange their opinions and perspectives with one another, over against one another. This view of the world forms an essential part of Arendt’s heritage. In our times, in which there is an unfortunate tendency to either unquestioningly accept the existence of a common world as given or to abandon the idea altogether in favour of individual or cultural positions of relativism, Arendt’s view represents a challenge. With HannahArendt.net we want to meet this challenge and to promote knowledge and debate about the thought of Hannah Arendt, philosopher and political theorist.

ISSN : 1869-5787

Langue : Anglais, Allemand

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 100 Philo Psycho



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