Military Operations : The Conduct Of War


The Journal of Military Operations – Discussions On The Conduct Of War

Sujet : The Journal of Military Operations, otherwise known as Military Operations, is a peer-reviewed publication concerned with warfare, the conduct of war. It focuses on engagement with the enemy; combat; fighting. It seeks to develop insights into the nature of war, in order to better understand it and conduct it. It seeks to identify what changes in warfare and what doesn’t; why; and how. Military Operations focuses primarily on the conduct of war on land, but also includes air-land and amphibious aspects. It considers regular and irregular warfare. It will consider subjects as diverse as first hand-experience, doctrine, training and equipment, personnel, logistics and medical support. It will reflect historical, scientific and operations research. It is about how armed forces fight or should fight. If you are interested in how wars should be fought in the future, Military Operations will be relevant to you.

ISSN : Inconnu

Langue : Anglais

Format : Html, Pdf

Accès : après enregistrement gratuit

Catégorie : 300 Sciences sociales


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