Sortuz : Emergent Socio-Legal Studies


Sortuz – Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-Legal Studies

Sujet : Nowadays, Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law has become a major academic space not only for scholars specialized in relations between law an society, but also for researches, scholars and students from other disciplines such as Political Science, Anthropology, History and Psychology, which are interested in the legal side of their specific traditions. Scholars, both young and consolidated, across countries and disciplines find in Oñati a privileged space to work in their research interests. This journal seeks to create a virtual, but real space, that strengths the emerging community around the relations between law and society. Indeed, the community of scholars that year by year meet, discuss and grow in IISL facilities may find in this journal an additional chance to share, and discuss, their knowledge and findings.

ISSN : 1988-0847

Langue : Espagnol

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 300 Sciences sociales


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