Diritto & Processo


Diritto & Processo

Sujet : The Review publishes original papers covering a large array of topics in Law, general theory of Law and multidisciplinary studies i.e. ethic issue, legal aspect of technology etc. The Review aims to provide also a forum which facilitates the development of the legal aspects – especially in any field of private law is welcomed – of the scientific research and innovation, at European and International levels. Particular attention will be paid on the rights, obligations and the legal relationships arising from the research and innovation activities, as well as on the contracts to carry out the scientific researches and to exploit the results either in academic, market contexts and human rights. The Review will study the legal discipline of the European and National policies and of the legal instruments to implement them, especially the funding programmes and Human rights.

ISSN : 1722-1110

Langue : Anglais, Italien

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 300 Sciences sociales


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