Cromohs : Modern Historiography


Cromohs – Cyber Review of Modern Historiography

Sujet : Cromohs has been the first entirely and exclusively electronic review devoted to the history of modern historiography (even if other valuable undertakings in the same discipline have appeared more recently); it has been also among the first wholly electronic periodicals ever published in the Web. It promotes the use of the Internet for information purposes and for facilitating the circulation of academic production, with special reference to such themes as the development of the historical culture and consciousness in the modern age (historiography, erudition, historical methodologies, philosophies of history, didactics of historical subjects, history as a profession, history in the universities, individual historians).

ISSN : 1123-7023

Langue : Anglais, Français, Italien

Format : Html, Pdf

Accès : Archives depuis 1996

Catégorie : 900 Géo Histoire


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