Architecture & Philosophy


Architecture & Philosophy

Sujet : Architecture is an essential part of human existence, one that left uninvestigated raises questions about philosophy’s grasp of the human condition. In the past, architecture was an important topic for such essential philosophers as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel and Wittgenstein, who found in it a sound basis for their arguments providing a concrete reality which constantly surpassed its interpretations, and yet contemporary philosophical discourse has no regular outlets for its investigation. Architectural discourse, on the other hand, finds itself frequently plagued with poor and pseudo philosophy, as well as a general lack of philosophic investigation into such basic questions as what architecture is, how we know what it is, what is its value, what makes it beautiful, and how it is experienced. Here too, no regular forum exists for serious thought in these areas. Architecture & Philosophy proposes to become the journal which fills this gap, bringing the rigor of philosophic investigation to the consideration of architecture’s most basic concepts and the centrality of architecture in modern life to philosophic discourse. The International Society for Philosophy of Architecture, founded at Newcastle University in 2009, provides the journal’s institutional basis.

ISSN : 2372-0883

Langue : Anglais

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 100 Philo Psycho


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