Paroles gelées : French and Francophone Studies


Paroles gelées

Sujet : Paroles gelées was established in 1983 by its founding editor, Kathryn Bailey. The journal is managed and edited by the French Graduate Students Association; fully funded by the UCLA Graduate Students Association; and published annually under the auspices of the UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies. « The inspiration for our title came from the episode in Rabelais’ Quart Livre in which his heroes encounter the frozen words which melt in their hands on their journey to consult the oracle of the « Dive Bouteille. » The analogy to literature and the process of reading fascinated us and prompted us to choose this as the title for our journal. »

ISSN : 1094-7264

Langue : Anglais, Français

Format : Html, Pdf

Accès : Archives sur Internet Archives

Catégorie : 800 Littérature


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