Filmicon : Journal of greek film studies


Filmicon – Journal of greek film studies

Sujet : Filmicon – Journal of Greek Film Studies is a bilingual (English and Greek), peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal edited primarily by independent scholars and published by Eurasia Publications, Athens. It aims to provide a forum for exploring the diverse aspects of Greek film, television and audiovisual culture from a wide range of approaches and methodological standpoints; to situate the Greek experience in broader international and transnational contexts with particular emphasis on diasporic, European, Mediterranean and Balkan perspectives; to encourage intertextual, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary readings. The emphasis on the Greek case does not mean that Filmicon is not concerned with other national cinemas or issues related to Film and Media Studies that move beyond national frames. So Filmicon is keen to publish material dealing with theory, history, criticism and aesthetics of film, television and media in general.

ISSN : 2241-6692

Langue : Anglais, Grec

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 700 Arts Loisirs Sports



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